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Program functionality

LanAgent logs all keystrokes, which makes it possible to get the typed text. Both older OS versions, such as XP and Windows 7, as well as new ones, including Windows 10 with all updates, are supported. Below are listed ..

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Making screenshots

LanAgent saves screenshots. You will be able to see the image the user used to see on the monitor. Screenshots are made both on request from the administrator part and at the specified time interval. It is possible to configure the screenshot quality and the maximum disk space they will occupy. In addition, it is possible to specify programs when working in which screenshots will be taken.

Monitoring launched and closed programs, Application tracking, Application monitoring

LanAgent allows you to view all programs that were launched and closed on the monitored computer. The program logs the title of the program window, the full path to the executable file, the time when it was launched and closed, the name of the user who launched/closed the program. Also, LanAgent allows you to generate an analytical report where you will see the total active time and the time of active work in every program for each user. You can also block the launch of unwanted programs on the user's computer.

System Event Monitoring, time tracking

LanAgent controls the time when the computer is switched on and off, when the user log on and off, when the screensaver is started. It is possible to generate an analytical report about the computer operation: how much time it was switched on and off, the time of active work with the computer, how much time it was idle (when it was switched on, but no one worked with it).

Clipboard monitoring (Intercepting the clipboard contents)

It logs any text copied to the clipboard. The title of the window the text was copied from is also logged. When files or image are placed to the clipboard (for example, when the user presses the PrtScr key), they will also be saved by the client and available for viewing.

Software installation and removal monitoring

With LanAgent, you can control software installation and removal on monitored computers.

Chats/IM activity monitoring, Intercepting IM messages, IM tracker: Viber, WhatsApp, ICQ, Jabber

Intercepts messenger messages: Viber, WhatsApp, ICQ and track messages sent via Jabber. It logs the message text, files, voice calls, contact name, the time when each message was sent or received and also the message type (incoming or outgoing). The LanAgent report wizard allows you to generate an analytical report that will show the statistics on user correspondence with each of the contacts and also the number of messages violating the specified security policies.

LanAgent logs all websites the user visits. The following information is logged: URL, window title and the time when the page was opened. Visited sites are logged no matter whether the user clears the history in the browser. Besides, it is possible to generate an analytical report where you will see statistics on visited web resources for each user: what addresses and how many time the user visited and the percentage of visiting a specific resource as compared to the rest of the resources. Thanks to the division of sites into categories, you can easily determine what resources the employee visited during the day. Whether it was pages useful for work (directories, a corporate site) or most of the time he had fun reading Facebook posts or watching movies online.

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The Email Correspondence Monitoring feature allows you to establish control over all corporate correspondence flow, preventing leaks of sensitive data. LanAgent records the following data: time a message was sent or recieved, from whom and to whom, message subject and includes, the message's contents and attachments. Attachments can be saved if necessary. All types of email clients are supported.

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Web mail monitoring

This feature allows you to control the flow of sensitive data in the e-mail sent by the web interface (Gmail for example). You will know who the messages were sent to, when, as well as the contents of the e-mail including attachments.

File uploading into the Internet

LanAgent makes a copy of files uploaded into the Internet. For example, files uploaded into the forums or social networks. So, because of email, web mail and file upload monitoring you will be able to find and prevent all possible inside threats related to information loss via web channel and neutralize them in time.

Skype Monitoring

LanAgent intercepts all Skype conversations. It logs both text messages and voice conversations, as well as files transferred between users.

Interception of chatting in Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks

In addition to controlling mail, LanAgent also intercepts Facebook, twitter, conversations: messages, posts to the wall, files. In this case, the following will be saved: message time, message text and all sent files.

Search in google and other search engines

Will be recorded and saved user requests in search engines.

Device monitoring (external storages plugging and removing)

Storage devices plugging and removing is under control (for both USB devices (flash drives, MP3 players, digital cameras) and hard drives). The following data is logged: event type (connection or disconnection), the time of connection or disconnection, device type, its file system, serial number and volume label. It is possible to notify the security specialist about connecting or disconnecting storage devices.

Makes shadow copy of files copied on a USB storages by employees

Monitoring USB devices and making a shadow copy of files copied, allow tracking data leaks that do not occur via online channels. The most comprehensive network security policy is rendered useless if files can be copies to off-line storage such as USB flash drive without proper accounting. LanAgent closes the last gap in the network security, allowing you to know that any information leak can be traced to the source. Making your employees aware of the monitoring makes using hot-plug USB devices less tempting if they are not authorized to use such devices. The following data is logged: the time of file coping or modification, action (coping or modification), file name, file size and file itself.

Blocking the connection of USB drives, CD / DVD ROM, bluetooth, etc.

Using LanAgent, you can block such device classes plugging-in as USB storage, CD / DVD ROMs, bluetooth. In addition, you can create a list of allowed USB drives. For example, this way you can allow only one specific flash drive to connect to a computer, while others will be blocked. This function will be very useful in cases when it is necessary to prohibit the use of external storage media, but at the same time it is impossible to completely disable the USB ports on the computer (for example, when printers are connected to them).

LanAgent allows you to view all documents sent to the printer. Both local and network printers are supported. The program will log the time of printing, the name of the printed document, the number of pages in it, the number of copies, the name of the printer the document was printed on and the image of the document itself. The analytical report about printers will allow you to analyze how many page and on which printer a certain user printed.

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File and Folder monitoring (Files and folders Tracking)

LanAgent logs all file operations on the computer: copying, deleting, editing and renaming files. Operations with files are monitored on both fixed disk drives and removable USB storages.

Logging work with shared folders

When connecting over a network from other computers to resources with open shared access, LanAgent allows you to save connection data: computer name, user name, working time with this shared resource, which files were accessed and with which access rights.

Record video, sound and take pictures from web cameras

LanAgent allows you to regularly record video (with or without sound) from web cameras connected to controlled computers. To save space, instead of video files, you can take pictures from the camera with a specified frequency, for example, every 60 seconds. Also, you can simply record sound from microphones. This function allows you to organize simple and convenient video surveillance of the workplace or even the entire office.

Web cameras online video

To monitor what is happening at the employee’s workplace, you can use the function of viewing video from web camera in real time. Thus, you can check whether the employee is now at the computer, and in conjunction with the screenshots of the monitor, also determine what matters he is actually busy with.

Report wizard

The LanAgent Report Wizard offers tools for the analysis of how users spend their working time for a certain period of time. It is possible to generate both simple reports with collected data about user activity and unique analytical reports that provide information about operations with computers in a comfortable form: active and idle periods, active work in every applications, visited web resources and much more.

Installing and removing agents remotely

It is possible to install or uninstall the LanAgent user modules invisibly and remotely. All you need is admin credentials. The remote install/uninstall feature makes it possible to set up the whole system without bothering your employees – they will not even notice it. This feature becomes especially useful if your network has a large number of computers.

Stealth Mode Installation and Monitoring

LanAgent works in a Stealth Mode. It is very helpful in such situations, when you know about data leakage but cannot prove it. Stealth mode makes it possible to gather all necessary evidences about corporate data loss. Your employees will never know they are monitored and all their PC activity is analyzed.

High-level operation protection (Strong Security)

LanAgent module runs as a Windows system service. If a user doesn't have administrator credentials, then it is not possible to stop, bypass or get rid of it. All information on the Agent side is encrypted. Logs are sent in the encrypted form over the network.

Active notifications (alerts) about security policy violations (security polices violation notification engine)

When users violate security policies, you will see the active notification window with the corresponding message in the administrator part of LanAgent (for the Standard version) or on the console of the security officer (for Enterprise). Such notifications can be also send to e-mail of security expert.

Data encryption

All information on the Agent side is encrypted. Logs are sent in the encrypted form over the network.

Detection of abnormal and / or suspicious behavior

For these purposes, the Enterprise version of LanAgent has an unusual user behavior analyzer. It detects suspicious changes in user activity, for example, an unusually large number of files copied per day to a USB storage. Or atypically active correspondence. The analysis is based on the history of the user's previous work on the computer. The system administrator is also notified of suspicious events committed by users: turning on the PC after hours, correspondence, or sending files after hours; copying out of a PC a large number of files (more than allowed); printing more than the permitted number of documents, etc .; Such analytics helps in the early stages to identify attempts to bring out important information, as well as other hostile actions of employees in relation to the company.

Opportunity to use several security expert stations

LanAgent Enterprise version allows using several security expert stations for viewing data. There is also security expert access rights manage tools.

Security experts access manage tool

Each security officer can be assigned their access to view information

Email Security Alerts
This is LanAgent Enterprise feature. If user violates the specified security policies, a security expert will get alert about it on his e-mail. You can manage kind of events for tracking.
Embedded report sheduler

It is a feature of LanAgent Enterprise. This scheduler allows to generate all kind of reports and blocks of reports by schedule.

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