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What Can Employee Monitoring Software Do?
Employee monitoring software can be used for screen monitoring, application tracking, keylogging, and remote worker tracking. LAN Agent monitors websites, instant messages, social networks, search history, and connected devices. Our software is fully-featured and easy to use. Using LAN Agent, you can prevent data breaches and corporate espionage by monitoring printed documents and the copying of files. LAN Agent supports Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10 and Linux.

Features of LAN Agent for Windows PC
Intercepting keystrokes, keylogger

LAN Agent logs all keystrokes, making it possible to retrieve the typed text later. This can be useful for monitoring your employees’ work activities as well as other things they are spending their time on at work, such as instant messaging.

Taking screenshots

LAN Agent saves screenshots and screen recordings of your employees computers automatically and without interrupting their work. You will be able to see the images that the user saw on his or her monitor. Screenshots can be made on request from the administrator or at a specified time interval. It is possible to configure the quality of the screenshots and the maximum disk space they will occupy. In addition, it is possible to limit the taking of screenshots only to specific programs.

Monitoring open and closed programs, Application tracking, Application monitoring

LAN Agent allows you to view all the programs that were launched and closed on the monitored computer. The program logs the title of the program window, the full path to the executable file, the times when it was opened and closed, and the name of the user who launched or closed the program. Also, LAN Agent allows you to generate an analytical report where you will see the total active time and the time of active work in every program for each user. You can also block the launch of unwanted programs on the user's computer.

System event monitoring, Time tracking

LAN Agent records the times when the computer is turned on and off, when the user logs on and off, and when the screensaver is started. It is possible to generate an analytical report about the operation of the computer during your employee’s workday. In the report you can view how long the computer was switched on and off, how long it was being used actively for work, and how long it was idle (turned on with no one working on it).

Clipboard monitoring

LAN Agent logs any text that is copied to the clipboard, intercepting the contents of the clipboard. Whenever there is activity on the keyboard, the title of the window that the text was copied from is also logged. When files or images are placed on the clipboard (for example, when the user presses the Print Screen key to take a screenshot), those files or images will also be saved by the client and will be available for later review.

Software installation and removal monitoring

With LAN Agent, you can control software installation and removal on monitored computers. Any programs that are added or removed from the computer will be recorded, so you can detect if your employees are installing games or instant messaging programs on your workplace computers.

Live view of remote desktops

You can view remote desktops in real-time mode, several screens at once - just like in video surveillance.

Control of a remote desktop (mouse and keyboard)

When you are watching remote desktop in real time you can take control over the remote workstation and control it's mouse and keyboard. It can be used in case by system administrators for fixing issues without the necessity of phisical presence at the workstation.

Chat and instant messaging monitoring, Intercepting instant messages, IM tracker that works with Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, ICQ, Jabber, and Viber

LAN Agent automatically Intercepts instant messenger conversations, including popular platforms like Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp. Our software logs the message text, files, voice calls, contact name, the time when each message was sent or received and also the message type (incoming or outgoing). The LAN Agent report wizard allows you to generate an analytical report that will show the statistics on user correspondence with each of the contacts and also the number of messages violating the security policies that you specify.

Website monitoring

LAN Agent logs all websites that an employee visits, including the page URL, website title, and the time when the page was opened. Visited sites are logged even if the user clears the history in the browser. Using LAN Agent, it is possible to generate a report where you will see statistics for websites by each computer user. The report includes which addresses were visited, how many times the user visited, and the frequency that any one website was visited as a percentage of all websites. The report can divide websites into categories, making it easy to determine what pages the employee visited during the day. You can find out whether your employees are spending time on sites useful for work (such as work-related searches and the company intranet) or are instead spending time reading Facebook posts, watching YouTube, or streaming movies online.

Email correspondence monitoring

LAN Agent monitors email correspondence automatically, allowing you to establish control over all emails sent from your company and thus preventing leaks of sensitive data. LAN Agent records the following data for email messages: the time a message was sent or received; the sender and recipients; the message’s subject, contents, and attachments. You can configure LAN Agent to save attachments if necessary. All types of email clients are supported by our software.

Web mail monitoring

In addition to monitoring email software programs, LAN Agent will also monitor any webmail correspondence, such as from Gmail. This feature allows you to monitor and control the flow of sensitive data in emails sent and received using webmail. As with the monitoring of desktop email clients, you will know whom the emails were sent to, when the messages were sent, and the contents of the emails — including attachments.

Monitoring file uploading onto the Internet

LAN Agent makes a copy of any files uploaded onto the Internet, such as files uploaded to forums or social networks. Because our software monitors email, webmail, and file uploads, you will be able to find and put a stop to the possibility of information loss via the web. This can help you prevent and neutralize data breaches and corporate espionage before damage is done.

Skype monitoring

LAN Agent intercepts all Skype conversations, including both text messages and voice conversations, as well as files transferred between users.

Monitoring Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks

In addition to controlling webmail and instant messaging clients, LAN Agent also intercepts conversations on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, including direct messages, posts to feeds, and file sharing. The administrator using LAN Agent can access message time, message text, and what files were sent via social networks.

Search monitoring of Google and other search engines

LAN Agent automatically saves the search history for Google and other search engines, even if searches are made in a private or “incognito” window. Having a record of online search engine history means you can ensure your employees are focused on their work.

External device monitoring

LAN Agent monitors the connection and removal of storage devices for both USB devices (flash drives, MP3 players, digital cameras) and computer hard drives. The following data is logged for each device: event type (connection or disconnection), the time of connection or disconnection, device type, its file system, its serial number, and its volume label. It is possible to generate notifications to alert the security specialist at your company about the connection or removal of storage devices.

Shadow copying of files

LAN Agent makes a shadow copy of all files copied onto a USB storage device by employees. A shadow copy means an extra copy of the files is made, in the background and hidden from your employees. Shadow copies allow you to track data leaks that do not occur via online channels. The most comprehensive network security policy is rendered useless if files can be copied to offline storage such as a USB flash drive without restriction. LAN Agent supports your network security, allowing you to trace any information leak to its source. Depending on your needs, you can authorize the use of hot-plug USB devices for only certain users or computers. The following data is logged as part of the shadow copy service:whether a file was copied or modified, the time the action occurred, the file name, the file size, and the file itself.

Blocking USB devices

Using LAN Agent, you can block the connection of devices including USB storage, CD / DVD drives, and bluetooth. In addition, you can create a list of allowed USB drives, blocking only unauthorized devices. This means you can allow only one specific flash drive to connect to a computer, while others will be blocked. Using this feature, you can also prohibit the use of external storage media generally but allow USB ports on the computer to be connected to a printer or other authorized device.

Tracking printed documents

LAN Agent allows you to view all documents sent to the printer. Our program supports both local and network printers. The program will log the time of printing, the name of the printed document, the number of pages, the number of copies, the name of the printer, and an image of the document itself. LAN Agent automatically intercepts documents sent to the printer and can create reports analyzing how many pages were printed on which printers in your workplace.

File and folder monitoring

LAN Agent automatically logs all file operations on the computer, including copying, deleting, editing and renaming files. File operations are monitored on both fixed disk drives and removable USB storage devices. You will know if any data is leaving the workplace without your permission because of LAN Agent’s built-in file and folder tracking.

Logging access to shared folders

When your employees work with shared files over a network connection, LAN Agent can create log files regarding access to those shared files. The information saved includes computer name, user name, time spent with the shared resource, which files were accessed, and what access rights were present for the shared files.

Automatic monitoring of webcams

LAN Agent allows you to regularly record video with or without sound from web cameras connected to controlled computers. To save space, you can choose to take pictures from the camera with a specified frequency (such as every 60 seconds) instead of saving video files. You can also record sound from connected microphones. LAN Agent’s webcam monitoring function allows you to conveniently conduct video surveillance of employee workstations or even the entire office from a remote location.

Live surveillance of webcams

LAN Agent lets you view the video from a monitored web camera in real time so you can watch what is happening inside your workplace. Are your employees at the computer, and what are they actually busy with? LAN Agent provides live webcam video along with screenshots to determine what exactly your employees are doing at any given time.

Report wizard

LAN Agent has a report wizard tool that lets you analyze how employees are spending their working time. It is possible to generate simple reports with collected data about user activity as well as unique analytical reports that provide detailed information. The reports can include details such as active and idle periods, active work in particular applications, websites visited, and much more.

Remote installation and uninstallation

It is possible to install or uninstall the LAN Agent user modules invisibly and remotely. All you need is administrator credentials for the computer. The remote installation feature makes it possible to set up the whole system without bothering your employees – they will not even notice it. This feature is particularly useful if your network has a large number of computers, where installing employee monitoring software manually would be a hassle.

Stealth mode installation and monitoring

With LAN Agent, your employees will never know that they are being monitored while all of their activity is being tracked on your workplace computers. LAN Agent works in stealth mode, which becomes especially helpful when you know about data leakage but cannot prove it. Stealth mode makes it possible to gather all the necessary evidence to prove corporate data loss.

Can’t be turned off

LAN Agent runs as a Windows system service, meaning employees can’t stop the program. In other words, your users can’t terminate LAN Agent using the Task Manager. If a user doesn't have administrator credentials, then it is not possible to stop, bypass, or get rid of it. This type of strong security is sometimes called high-level operation protection, because the running LAN Agent process can’t be turned off by the user being monitored.

Detecting security policy violations

When users violate security policies in your organization, you will be automatically notified by an alert from LAN Agent. Violations will appear in the active notification window for LAN Agent Standard and in the console of the security officer for LAN Agent Enterprise. Such notifications can be also sent automatically via email in the enterprise edition of our software.

Data encryption

LAN Agent automatically encrypts all the monitored information. Log files are encrypted when they are sent over the local area network (LAN).

Detection of abnormal and suspicious behavior

LAN Agent Enterprise includes an unusual user behavior analyzer. It detects suspicious changes in user activity, such as an unusually large number of files copied per day to a USB storage device. It can also detect if an employee becomes atypically active in his or her email correspondence. The analysis is based on the history of the user's previous work on the computer. The system administrator is also notified of suspicious events committed by users. The types of effects that can be detected include turning on the PC after hours, sending emails late at night, or saving files after hours; copying a large number of files from the PC; and printing too many documents. The user behavior analyzer helps to identify hostile actions of employees against the company or data breaches in the early stages, when they can be easily remediated.

Monitor employees from multiple workstations

LAN Agent Enterprise permits multiple administrators to monitor employees using several different computer workstations. This means your organization can have many security experts viewing employee data. You can customize the access rights for your administrators using the management tool built-into the enterprise version of LAN Agent.

Data access management

LAN Agent helps you customize who will have access to the employee monitoring data. You can assign different permissions to each security officer in your organization. Individual administrators can be given different access levels, depending on your company’s needs.

Email Security Alerts

LAN Agent Enterprise has an automatic email alerting feature that notifies you of any violations of your company’s security policies. This is useful when you are monitoring a large number of employees in an organization, because you don’t need to manually review the report for every monitored workstation in order to find violations. Using LAN Agent Enterprise, if an employee violates a specified security policy, your security expert will get an alert about it by email. You can configure what kinds of events will be tracked and will generate email alerts.

Embedded report scheduler

LAN Agent Enterprise has an exclusive report scheduling feature meant for helping you manage a large number of employees. The embedded report scheduler allows you to automatically schedule the generation of reports. This enterprise-level feature helps you to generate all kinds of reports and blocks of reports on a fixed schedule, automatically.

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