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How much does employee monitoring software cost?

LAN Agent remote worker monitoring software is available for Windows PCs starting at just $39.

LAN Agent comes in Standard and Enterprise versions and is priced based on the number of computers that will be monitored on your local area network (LAN).

You can purchase a lifetime license for any number of computers. The table below shows the price per computer in US Dollars.

As you can see below, the more licenses you need, the more affordable they are per each computer. You do not need a separate license for the server, just one license for each PC workstation that you want to monitor.

We offer a free 15-day trial version of LAN Agent so you can test out our employee monitoring and time tracking software. Using the unregistered trial version of LAN Agent, you can monitor up to three Windows PCs.

When you decide to purchase LAN Agent, you will immediately receive your registration key, and your lifetime license will never expire.

With your purchase you will receive:

  • Fully functional program with a lifetime license.
  • Free updates for a year from the date of purchase.
  • Free technical support.
  • All licenses are floating (you can change monitored computers).
  • Immediate access to your registration key.

For details on the year of free software updates included with your license, please read the LAN Agent update policy at the bottom of this page.

The price of the program depends on the number of computers you are going to monitor. So if you want to monitor 30 computers, you should purchase the program for 30 computers.

LanAgent Standard
LanAgent Enterprise

You get immediate delivery of the registration key when you purchase LAN Agent today.
Your payments are securely processed by PayPro, a leading international software registration service.

Application Number of computers Price per computer, USD. Online Ordering
LanAgent Standard 1PC $22 Purchase
LanAgent Standard from 2 to 10 $21 Purchase
LanAgent Standard from 11 to 25 $19 Purchase
LanAgent Standard from 26 to 50 $17 Purchase
LanAgent Standard from 51 to 100 $15 Purchase
LanAgent Standard more than 101 special price by request Contact us please
LanAgent Enterprise from 3 to 10 $35 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise from 11 to 25 $33 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise from 26 to 50 $31 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise from 51 to 100 $30 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise from 101 to 200 $28 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise from 201 to 300 $26 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise from 301 to 500 $25 Purchase
LanAgent Enterprise more than 500 special price by request Contact us please
VIP service 25% of the license cost per year (but not less than $ 145))   Learn more


You can also send purchase request at


Upgrade and renewal policy

License upgrade:

You are free to upgrade your license to monitor additional computers at any time. As noted in the table above, the price for each computer is calculated by the total number of your monitored computers. For example, if you have a license for 30 computers, and you wish to extend your license to 60 machines, the cost per computer will drop from $34 to $32.


All LAN Agent updates within 12 months from purchase date are free of charge. Buy LAN Agent now and get all the features released in future versions of the software for one year. Once you have used the software for one year, you will need to pay a small upgrade fee in order to receive the latest version of LAN Agent. For help renewing your license, please contact us at

Technical support:

We offer free technical support by email. We generally want you to have the best possible experience using LAN Agent in your organization.


We offer a 40% discount for educational organizations. Please email us with proof of your educational affiliation, and we will send you a special quote including the educational discount.

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