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Maria S., Data Protection Officer, Medical Academy

Testimonial to the computer monitoring and time tracking software LanAgent

Tyumen State Medical Academy

Feedback on the LanAgent software suite

Data protection officer
Maria Sidorova

Nowadays no one has any doubts about the necessity of ensuring the protection for information resource in a organization or company. The commonly used approach to this process implies examining the system, auditing the state of data protection, developing a new security policy or correcting the existing one. It is convenient if you can do most of these things with one software suite. LanAgent has been working well with 300 workstations, which proves the good scalability of this software.

We should particularly mention special features offered by LanAgent, such as monitoring connected and disconnected storage devices, controlling texts typed with the keyboard and copied to the clipboard serving s a tool for detecting important information leaks. Such features as controlling visited sites, monitoring the file system and controlling installed and removed software allow you to check the loyalty of both regular employees and employees who have access to confidential information. It is no secret that it is always possible to steal a document by printing it out in case the use of external storage devices and e-mail is restricted. So such feature offered by the software suite as monitoring printed documents and viewing them practically closes this channel of information leaks. I should also mention the Active Notification feature of the software. It is an indispensable assistant for the administrator that will immediately notify him about any violation of the specified security rules.

The tools hat generate reports allows you not only print reports, but also convert them into various types, which is a great way for their further use. To be exact, it means collecting all statistics on user activity and using it for business purposes.