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LanAgent version selection

In order to choose the version of LanAgent that will be optimal specifically for your conditions, answer a number of questions. At the end of the selection of answers, please click "Select Version" button.

Which is the principle of your local network:
The terminal server and terminal clients ("thin clients") connecting to it. (Work is being done on the server)
Normal LAN. User workstations are full-fledged computers. The main work is carried out by each user on his computer.

How many data viewers do you need
one is enough (I will look at the data collected from agents by myself)
several viewing programs are needed (several people will control the collected data)

Do you need the ability to report security violations via e-mail (if a violation occurs, letter will be sent)
yes, required
no, this is not necessary

Is there a need for a report scheduler that will allow you to create the desired set of reports on a schedule and send them by e-mail
yes, a scheduler is needed
no, it is not necessary

How many computers do you plan to control (from how many computers do you need to collect data):

What is the frequency of polling the collected data from clients?
periodically (as needed)
constant (background) mode of polling clients

In your case, the optimal version will be:

Criterias of choice:

LanAgent Standard is developed for computer users actions control in organizations with a small or medium-sized computer park.

LanAgent Enterprise is optimized for collecting data from a large number of computers and, in addition to all the standard version features, has a number of additional:

  • Use of several workplaces of Data protection officers (for viewing the collected data).
  • The feature of polling controlled computers located outside the local network via the Internet (for example, business laptops).
  • Suspicious user actions alert: copying a large number of files to a USB storage / cloud or file hosting, activity after hours, printing a large number of documents to a printer, ...
  • Unusual behavior analyzer, detection of atypical user activity (heuristic analysis of violations).
  • Advanced search module (which allows you to use full-text search, regular expressions (phones, credit cards, etc)).
  • Monitoring mail received and sent using MS Exchange Server.
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities, data analysis.
  • background working of the LanAgent server (it is design as windows service and windows login is not required for its operation). Data on the client computer is accumulated constantly and independently of the server, but in order to view it, the server must get data to the database. In the Enterprise version, this is done continuously in the background. In the Standard version - at the request of the user.
  • Access to data viewing can be managed to each security specialist.
  • Sending security violation alerts via e-mail.
  • Built-in report scheduler with the ability to send reports to E-Mail

LanAgent Terminal is designed exclusively for operation on a terminal server (for monitoring "thin clients" and users connecting via RDP). It's Licensed by user accounts (Windows user accounts).

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