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I express my gratitude for the opportunity to test LanAgent software, as well as for the advisory support provided.

LanAgent software fully meets its purpose and performs all the declared functions. With the convenience and ease of use, the program solves the problem of users activity tracking. It is possible to get a full report on the use of a computer by an employee for both production and personal purposes. In addition, it becomes possible to optimize the working time of subordinates.

I would especially like to note the capabilities of the program as Data Leak Prevention system (DLP system). The main ones are receiving screenshots from screens, controlling documents printed on printers, external storages plugged-in, keystrokes (keylogging), shadow copying files, controlling data transmitted via e-mail, to “clouds”, through social networks.

It is also important that the program runs almost invisibly for users, and does not cause performance problems even on slow computers, it is quite simple to install and configure.

We thank the developers of LanAgent software for a high-quality, stable product and prompt solution of issues.