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Andrew German, CEO of Computer Company

Testimonial to the computer monitoring and time tracking software LanAgent


Computer Company "Exclusive" would like to express its gratitude to you for your professional and timely assistance in resolving company tasks.

Our company is a reseller and service provider for individuals and organizations. We have five sellers.

We were faced with the challenge of making our staff more efficient and productive. Bonuses had an effect that was short-term at most. There was a burst of activity, but it did not last long: only about two months. From the outside it seemed like employees were busy. But the actual results showed otherwise.

To improve the situation, we decided to install special computer monitoring software. Among the options available, we found an excellent solution: LanAgent.

With this application we have been able to:

  • Analyze data automatically;
  • Get information on employee productivity;
  • View lists of accessed resources (applications and sites);
  • Collect information on workday beginning/end, breaks, and absences;
  • View actual time expenditures;
  • Identify workplace violations;
  • Prevent leaks of confidential data.


LanAgent showed that one of our employees spent 65% of the workday on non-work-related tasks. Even our most productive employee spent only 73% of the time working. We also found employees spending inordinate amounts of time on online videos. We discussed the results with employees and marveled as productivity zoomed up by 30% – meaning that LanAgent paid for itself in the first month of use.

Continued use of the application (of which employees were aware) encouraged employees to be more responsible and efficient in how they spend their working hours.

We highly recommend this application for all employers interested in making their staff more productive.

CEO of Computer Company "Exclusive"
Andrew German