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Version 1.7 released
  • Now "active notification" is available: when the user does something as dangerous as connecting removable media, installing/removing software, the agent part of the LanAgent program sends this information to the main computer without waiting for the command to update the logs. The received events will be displayed in the special active notification history window. You can configure active notification (for what events it should be done) individually for each computer in the special configuration dialog box.
  • Now it is possible to create and configure security rules and, correspondingly, highlight the danger status of user activity in different colors: "green"-"yellow"-"red" (a traffic light) (it is designed to make it easier to control the adherence to security policies regarding the use of computer equipment in the organization).
  • The type of the database used to store logs has been changed. Now you do not have to install any additional components (like BDE) in order to install the administrator part of the program. A special tool for backing up/restoring the database is now available.