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PC component change control - a new feature in LanAgent 5.10

The new version of LanAgent includes control and notification of changes in computer components.

This feature can be useful to prevent theft of RAM, DVD-ROM, video cards, etc. from computers.

For us, in fact, it was strange and surprising to receive a request for the implementation of this function in the program. However, as practice shows, there are such unscrupulous workers who are able to replace the components of their work computer or simply take some of them home.

So we add PC equipment change alerts.

The component control function includes:

  • logging changes in the composition of equipment on controlled computers;
  • alerts about such changes;
  • display a list of connected devices feature.

Important notice regarding DVD-ROM.
Some programs allow you to simulate a DVD drive connection (create a virtual one).
In LanAgent, connecting and disconnecting virtual disks is also logged. Therefore, it is worth considering that not any events of equipment changes are associated with physical components.

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