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New version of computer tracking software LanAgent Enterprise has been released

Agent tracking module for Linux, notification of unproductive work of employees, and updating the interface for working with agent settings are the main innovations of version 7.2 Enterprise.

Now in more detail.

Starting in February 2020, LanAgent now has a tracking module that allows you to control computers with major Linux distributions . Therefore, if you need to monitor the employee’s computer, and he uses the Linux distribution, then ask us for such an agent module.

There is no Linux module agent in the usual archive, we send it separately.

So far, the Linux assembly has been made for the basic functionality: screenshots, control of working with programs, keyboard interception (keylogger), computer operation events (on-off). However, the functionality continues to expand. If you first of all need some specific ability of the agent, then write to us. We will try to adapt it on Linux in the first place.

The next major feauture of 7.2 Enterprise is the addition of alerts to the system administrator during unproductive work of employees.

If an employee visits entertainment sites during business hours, or spends more than the permissible time in social networks, then LanAgent will warn about this. Also, it can send an alert even when the inactivity of the monitored computer during working hours has become more than the permissible value.

In the program interface, alerts are displayed in a special window. You can configure their sending by email.

When viewing events, you can easily sort and filter by any of the columns. For example, by computer or by event type.

Also, in version 7.2, the interface for working with settings has been updated.

We removed the rarely used settings, made their location and appearance more understandable.


How to upgrade to version 7 of LanAgent Enterprise

To get started, we recommend checking if you have the option of a free update. Everyone who has less than 12 months from the date of license acquisition has it. If more than a year has passed since the acquisition, then you can switch to the current version and extend the update period for a year, on favorable terms, with a 60% discount.

Contact us for consultation.

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